Mercedes-Benz G-class (W463) since 1999 of release
1. Introduction
2. Governing bodies and operation receptions
3. Current leaving and service
4. Engine
5. Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
6. A power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
7. Systems of electric equipment of the engine
7.1. Ignition and engine management systems
7.2. System of preheat of the diesel engine
7.3. Diagnostics of systems of electronic control and diagnostic equipment
7.4. Charging and start systems
7.4.1. General information
7.4.2. The storage battery - the general information, recommendations about service
7.4.3. Charging system - general information and security measures
7.4.4. Check of system of a charging
7.4.5. Removal and generator installation
7.4.6. System of start of the engine - the general information and precautionary measures
7.4.7. Removal and starter installation
8. Automatic transmission
9. Transmission line
10. Brake and auxiliary systems
11. Suspension bracket and steering
12. Body
13. Onboard electric equipment
14. Schemes of electric connections



7.4. Charging and start systems

General information

All cars considered in this management have the electric system working with tension of 12 V.Soyedineniye of weight passes through the negative plug of the battery. The battery is located in a back foot well.

For start of the engine the starter is used. The switch of a starter is a component of the switch of ignition and at inclusion raises the traction relay established on a starter.

The lamp of control of a charging built in the dashboard indicates excellent job of electric equipment, while a battery charge in norm.

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7.4.1. General information