Mercedes-Benz G-class (W463) since 1999 of release
1. Introduction
2. Governing bodies and operation receptions
2.1. Specifications
2.2. First 1500 km
2.3. Car equipment, arrangement of devices and governing bodies
2.4. Devices of ensuring comfort
2.5. Receptions of operation and auxiliary systems
2.5.1. Start of motion and switching of automatic transmission
2.5.2. Switchings of a transfer case
2.5.3. Blocking of differentials
2.5.4. Control systems of speed (Tempostat / Speedtronic)
2.5.5. Parktronic (PTS) system
2.5.6. Amplifier of emergency braking (BAS)
2.5.7. System of anti-blocking of brakes (ABS)
2.5.8. Antiprobuksovochny system (4-ETS)
2.5.9. Electronic protivozanosny system (ESP)
3. Current leaving and service
4. Engine
5. Systems of cooling, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
6. A power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases
7. Systems of electric equipment of the engine
8. Automatic transmission
9. Transmission line
10. Brake and auxiliary systems
11. Suspension bracket and steering
12. Body
13. Onboard electric equipment
14. Schemes of electric connections



2.5.5. Parktronic (PTS) system

The Parktronic system does not distinguish the subjects located in close proximity to a rear bumper at height below or above its level (flower beds, дышла trailers, etc., - be careful!

PTS provides the driver with information on distance to an obstacle at a car parking a backing.

The system joins automatically at a key povorachivaniye in the ignition lock in situation 2 and inclusion of transfer of a backing («R»), - system shutdown also is made automatically.

Serviceability of functioning of Parktronic system to a great extent depends on extent of pollution built in in an overlay of a rear bumper of ultrasonic sensors. Hindrances can bring ultrasound sources (including squeal of pneumatic brakes of lorries).

Scheme of an arrangement of PTS sensors (1) rear bumper

The zone of risk is supervised by four sensors which have been built in in an overlay of a rear bumper. Range of operation of sensors makes 150 cm for the central sensors, 100 cm for angular sensors. The minimum admissible distance between the sensor and an obstacle makes 30 cm, the sensitivity threshold further is broken. Watch purity of a surface of bumpers.

Areas of coverage of PTS (1 of 2) sensors

Areas of coverage of PTS (2 of 2) sensors

The special light indicator of Parktronic system is located in the right top corner of a back part of salon, near a back door on the Versatile person models and on the right above on a safety arch on the Cabriolet models.

Design of the light PTS indicator

The indicator is divided into three sections on 2 red, 2 yellow and 2 green segments, - completeness of activation of segments corresponds to distance to the next obstacle. About dangerous approach to an obstacle (activation of red segments of indicators) the driver is warned by a 3-second continuous acoustic signal.

At connection of electroconducting of the trailer to the turnbuckle socket (at the corresponding complete set of the car) the system is automatically disconnected.

In case of violation of serviceability of functioning of PTS red segments of the light indicator of system are activated and the 3-second acoustic signal stands out, - check purity of surfaces of bumpers. In case of need drive away the car on Mercedes-Benz car repair shop for performance of necessary regenerative repair of system.

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